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Rights Managed or Royalty Free In Store Music. You decide!

How In Store Music can influence visitor behaviour

Researchers have extensively documented the psychology of retail. Place day to day items at the back of the store, dictate the customer’s journey throughout the store. The use of visual medium is striking in any modern retail outlet.
Yet, have you truly considered the audio medium?
Did you know that research shows that 85% of people consider the shopping experience to be much more relaxed when music is played?
And when you create a store ambience you increase customer dwell time, ultimately increasing average spend.

At Project Productions, we can create a bespoke music playlist to match your brand. A carefully curated audio playlist can create that ambience that perfectly meets with your visitor demographic, ultimately creating a unique visitor experience. Whether you operate a retail outlet, showroom, medical waiting room, hotel or visitor attraction we can create a unique playlist to enhance your premises.

Voice Over

Customise your own playlist of tracks

creating your own bespoke ambience in-store

Royalty Free Popular Music to suit your brand

Wide selection of genres to choose from. Pop, RnB, Rock, County, Hip Hop, Celtic, your choice. Over 10,000 music tracks from singer songwriters and bands, from around the globe.

We should stress, this is not ‘elevator music’. At Project Productions we believe this to be the highest quality royalty free music library available, with thousands of catchy songs and tracks. Create bespoke playlists to suit your retail environment or brand.

Rights Manged or Royalty Free Music?

Choosing the sound for your business!