Royalty Free In-Store Retail Music

Over 10,000 Royalty Free music tracks

Create your own Radio Channel for your premises

In Store Audio that speaks volumes!

Wish you could make use of your own airtime to advertise your products?
Best of all, with over 10,000 Royalty Free music tracks, there is no need for Performing Rights licencing. All coupled with professionally produced, own branded advertising between tracks.
Royalty Free Music

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In Store Audio Samples

Sport Retailer Radio
Off Licence Audio Advertisements
Hairdresser Royalty Free Music

There are many benifits to In Store Audio such as better customer interaction and increased spend per head.

  • Create an ‘audio brand’ that matches your target market
  • Modern music tracks, with bespoke adverts interlaced
  • Professional production with Radio Voice Artists, ensuring your in store radio sounds just like a local station
  • Non expensive hardware with remote updates over internet
  • Schedule different tracks and adverts for different times of the day, or different days of the week.

Get your Adverts to your customers

Create your own retail radio station

No more licencing fees.

Create different playlists for different times of the day, or indeed different days of the week.
Schedule bespoke music and messages for bank holidays or for the weekend.
And by interacing your own branded adverts, you can create your own radio station for your retail outlets.